Kitchens: Why Choose Bespoke?

Newsletter Article, Summer 2013

Katie and Ed Tillotson were renovating every floor of their new home.  They weren’t going to settle for second best on any aspect of the renovation – least of all the kitchen.  Katie came to us after a frustrating period visiting various companies she thought would design something that translated her ideas into her dream kitchen. 

But the majority simply opened computer programs and dragged and dropped their standard sized units into her space.  Making sure everything would fit and look great didn't seem to be part of their offering.  On top of this, any small changes to this homogenised approach came at a premium – even when it involved making things smaller. 

Even the companies that claimed to offer a bespoke service had a limited range in things like colours and handles, and their prices were astronomical.

So she asked us to take a look.

What we did

Our head designer, Tom, went to meet the Tillotsons in their home.  Katie had a clear idea for a traditional look with a contemporary finish.

“The difference was huge,” says Katie.  Not only did Tom look at the kitchen space, he looked at the style of the rest of our house too.

“He really cared about getting the right design: one that would be practical and look seamless.  But what really impressed us, is that he worked with the builders to create the best room layout.

“This included details such as making sure the window was positioned exactly over the sink, and looking at where the boiler, electrics and plumbing should go.  It really was a two-way process.”

The result


Bespoke fitted kitchen cabinets traditional


Having a bespoke kitchen, with non-standard size cabinets that fit perfectly, made maximum use of all the space available to the Tillotsons.

For example, a narrow larder cabinet in the corner houses the boiler and has a spice rack on the back of the door.  A bespoke wine rack fits above the fridge: no space has been wasted.  

 Bespoke kitchen larder with spice rack on back of door

Most of all, Katie and Ed had choice and flexibility.  They got to choose the exact colour of the cabinets, and we gave them a good choice of handles.  What’s more they had time to make considered decisions that felt right for the space as it developed into something tangible.

“Evoke worked with us all the way,” says Katie. “They allowed us to change our minds here and there, which made sure the kitchen was completely our own and completely right.”

Bespoke fitted kitchen cabinets

Despite being a relatively narrow room, we managed to get everything into a simple layout that makes sense for the practicalities of cooking, yet has a feeling of space and tranquillity.  Traditional English cabinetry blends with contemporary colours and styles to make a characterful yet relaxing room.  

Cabinetry is positioned according to what looks and functions best.  So architectural features such as wall beams, windows, and boilers, have been seamlessly blended into the design.  This couldn’t have been achieved with an off-the-peg kitchen.

With a little bit of help from Evoke, Katie and Ed’s vision for their perfect kitchen, from the simple yet practical layout, down to the exact colour of the cabinetry and the choice of handles, is now reality.  

 Take a look at more of our kitchens and please do call if you’d like to discuss ideas:  we’ll be happy to work with you to develop your perfect kitchen in 3D. 


Bespoke oak wine rack


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