Nolte: New features for 2015

Newsletter, autumn 2014

Nolte German kitchens: blues and greys sideboard


One of the many things that attracted us to Nolte is the creative freedom we get from their vast range of cabinetry and accessory options.  It means we can design something truly special and unique for each of our clients.

We were very excited to be at the launch of their 2015 range this September.  With over 30 kitchens on display to fire our imagination, we were like children in a sweet shop. 

Here’s a taster of the new features and gizmos that caught our eye.

Colour palettes that make it easier to choose. 
Nolte have introduced some new colours, arranged in two colour palettes: the cools and the warms.

Nolte Colour palettes


It makes it easier for us to design kitchens with exactly the look and feel clients want by narrowing the colour choice down to one question: do you want to be cool and calm in your kitchen, or warm and cosy?

Of course you can’t go wrong with a white kitchen, but two-tone kitchens – especially greys and blues - are definitely in at the moment.  Take a look through the images in our gallery to see Nolte’s beautiful colour ranges.


High base cabinets.  Traditionally most kitchen base cabinets are around 75cm high but you may have noticed that taller cabinets are now very much on trend. 

90cm high base cabinets

So Nolte have developed extra high 90cm base cabinets.  Not only will they add another level of interest to the design of the kitchen, they are a good option for tall people.  And think of all that extra storage space!

 Glass worktop

Ultra-slim worktops.  Fitting seamlessly with the new high cabinets, Nolte have introduced some ultra slim worktops that will bring an ultra modern, minimal look, to your kitchen. 

Just 12mm thick –the thickness of your little finger (or less) – they are available in either white or quartz grey glass (right), or a solid laminate.  Like the stainless steel effect laminate below.


Stainless steel effect worktop

We are impressed with both types of worktop and love how well they work with the high base cabinets, keeping the work surface at a comfortable height.


Musical cabinets.  Nolte’s new music gadget is a small, discreet device that sits out of sight in your kitchen or living room cabinetry.  Then in an instant - via bluetooth connection to any mobile device –  it floods the room with crystal clear sound, which vibrates off the cabinetry. The device is a great alternative to an MP3 player and bulky docking station.


We can’t wait to start incorporating these fabulous features into some of our new designs!  If you would like to kinow more about Nolte kitchens, read more here and better still, call us on 0203 609 4555 to book a free consultation.





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