We're going German (again) with Grundig

Newsletter article, autumn 2014


Hot on the heels of our new ‘ready-made’ Nolte kitchen service, we have a new offering that will make life easier for our clients.

We now supply appliances as well – so you don't have to do the research and lework of going to many different suppliers.   And of course you can be sure everything will arrive on time!  One less thing to stress about.  

 Grundig Appliances in Nolte Kitchen


There’s another advantage too.  Knowing exactly what appliances are to be fitted helps us design an even more perfect kitchen for you.

We’ve chosen to supply Grundig appliances for several reasons, not least of all because Nolte believe them to be one of the best manufacturers available.


Grundig 5 year warranty

Ah… but Grundig make TVs and radios don’t they, we hear you ask?

And while that’s true, the Grundig brand does have over 65 years’ German heritage and a reputation for reliability.  They are so confident in their products that they offer a five-year parts and labour warranty, which matches our own, and Nolte’s too, bringing you bundles of reassurance.

But what about style?

Well, Grundig appliances have that too with seven Red Dot awards for design to their name.  Their products are classically stylish with subtly quirky touches such as oven controls inspired by piano keys.

 Grundig appliances with piano inspired keys


And they’re winning awards for performance too.  In June 2014, consumer champions, Which? said Grundig’s freestanding fridge freezer was the best they’d tested so far this year.  They awarded it the prestigious Which? Best Buy Award.  

Let’s take a look at some of the great features you’ll find on Grundig appliances.

As far as their dishwashers are concerned, we can speak from experience.  We installed a Grundig dishwasher in our own kitchen and we’re delighted with its performance.  It’s very energy efficient with low water consumption – it can clean a 13 place setting load using only 6L of water. And it’s quiet as a mouse.

The multi-taste oven is pretty impressive too.  Air circulates horizontally and uniformly on each level.  Not only does this cook food more evenly, three different meals can be cooked at the same time without mixing aromas or flavours.

Multi Taste Oven Grundig

Many Grundig ovens have a large 75 litre capacity so you can cater for more people, cook larger meals, or easily do a batch of cooking in one go to stock your freezer.

And the pyroclean system on some Grundig ovens makes cleaning easy.  When heated up to 500°C it burns off stains and dirt - all you have to do is wipe off anything that’s left with a damp cloth.

Grunding 80cm Flexi zone induction hob

Grundig flexi-cook induction hobThe flexi-cook induction hob is superbly energy efficient. It automatically recognises the size of your pans and transfers heat across a larger or smaller area accordingly, so you never waste energy.

Super efficiency and clever technology extends to refrigeration too.  Duo cooling no frost technology reduces energy consumption and keeps your food fresher for longer. It also prevents ice forming so you never have to defrost it. How cool is that? (sorry couldn’t resist!)


 All Grundig appliances have outstanding energy efficiency ratings, helping you save money on your energy bills as well as doing your bit for the environment.

We are certainly impressed enough with Grundig appliances to offer them as part of our service and we’re confident you’ll be impressed too.



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