Big plans for 2014? Keep the end in sight

Newsletter article, Winter 2014

Planning an extension in 2014? Having any type of building work done can be incredibly stressful, so it helps to keep the end results in sight.

In autumn 2013 we undertook a project in Kingston upon Thames with one of our local partners, David Aldrich Designs.  Not only did the extension include a new kitchen, but other areas got a makeover too.   Here’s the full story from David himself.


 Kitchen extension


After several years spent renovating their home, John and Claire came to the final stage:  the ground floor. 

Its footprint – a result of previous extensions – was a number of awkward rooms with lots of walkways but little useable space.  John and Claire were expecting their first child and wanted a space more suited to family life.   




One of the main challenges was achieving this without extending much into the small garden, which of course they wanted to keep as an outdoor play area.   Like many extensions, the timeline was dictated by the arrival of their baby in December 2013.

They approached me to design and manage the project in conjunction with their builders.  We discussed the various functions the space needed to fulfil, as well as the overall look.  The aim was for a clean style with lots of discreet, well-designed storage.

Kitchen design before and after


My first step was to present the options.  The 3D design software made it so much easier for John and Claire to see what they were getting.  It was obvious from the options that the extension would make a huge difference, even though we would only be moving the back wall out by 65cm.  In total it only added 2.8 metres to the floor plan of the room, and was the smallest extension anyone on the project has ever worked with!




So how did such a small extension create a family living space without extending too far into the garden?   

Rather than approaching the design using single descriptions like ‘kitchen’ or ‘dining room’, we looked closely at how each of the available spaces should work to achieve all the different functions.  We looked at how the utility room should work as well as the dining room alcoves, and eventually even the under stairs space.




The designs finalised and decisions made, I sourced the different products and brought in Evoke to make and install all the fitted furniture for the kitchen, dining room alcoves and wine rack, utility room and under stairs storage.  John and Claire liked the feel of real wood but wanted the lightness of a white kitchen - Evoke gave them both.




As expected when you plan well and have good teams in place, the project ran smoothly.  By the time their baby arrived John and Claire had a spacious living area.  It works as well for parties and get-togethers as it does for an afternoon of baking play time with the kids.





The project so impressed their families that we are now working on multiple projects for one of their relatives and expect to be using Evoke on that one too!


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