Bespoke TV units and media consoles

DVDs, games, CDs, and cables can create clutter in even the tidiest of living rooms.  So why not store them neatly away in a stunning bespoke TV unit or media console?

Why choose bespoke? Well, because whatever you want – freestanding or fitted - we can design and make it to your exact style and to fit a specific space.

Choose from a range of beautiful hardwoods with a traditional finish for a timeless look. Combine materials, including glass and metal, for something more contemporary.  Or you could go for a high-gloss finish in a colour to match the rest of your living room.

Take a look at the bespoke TV units and other pieces we’ve designed then call us on 020 3609 4555 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your own ideas. We’ll even produce a 3D design to show you how your unit could look.