Making beautiful, high-quality furniture is a labour of love for our skilled, experienced carpenters and cabinet-makers.  Their care and attention to detail at every stage of the design and construction process makes sure our furniture is stunning as well as structurally sound.

They use both old and new techniques, together with the very latest equipment, to produce robust structures and quality finishes that guarantees the durability of our furniture.  

Because we’re a small company we have complete control over quality.  And it’s a priority. Tom Davies, our head furniture maker and director, inspects every piece of furniture that leaves our south London workshop.  We’re not interested in mediocre or just satisfactory: our aim is always excellence.  

So you’ll never find sharp edges on our furniture, uneven gaps around doors, or mismatched pieces of timber.

Everything is made and finished in our well-equipped workshop , where the right tools are always to hand.  We take care of all the hard, precision work here, so there’s minimum disruption and inconvenience in your home.

Five-year written guarantee

Because we’re committed to building the highest quality furniture that will last you a lifetime, every piece comes with our free, five-year written guarantee and care instructions.

Our happy clients

We’re very proud that most of our work comes from satisfied customers who commission more pieces and recommend us to other people.  There’s no stronger endorsement.

It means we’re succeeding in our goal to produce the highest quality furniture matched by the best customer service possible.  It gives us such a feeling of pride and pleasure to see a client’s face light up when we deliver the piece they’ve commissioned.  It tells us we’ve exceeded their expectations.

But don’t just take our word…

…come and see us! The best way to appreciate our quality is to see, touch and handle our furniture.  Just make an appointment and come and see us at work.

As well as seeing the quality first-hand, it’s always nice to see how something works in a particular space before you commission it.  So, we can arrange for you to see our furniture in our clients’ homes and you can talk to them about our service.  That’s the beauty of keeping it local.

We’re confident when you see how it’s made, and speak to our clients, you’ll understand the value of paying a little bit extra for our handcrafted, bespoke pieces.

Take a look at what our clients say about our furniture and service.


The Guild of Master Craftsmen

We are accredited members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen. This respected trade association demands the highest standards of workmanship and customer service from its members. Find out what it takes to become a member.



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